I have literally become Ariel.
Is this taking my minor obsession a bit too far?

The Princess Tea Party ! Inspired by Winterhalter’s “Empress Eugenie and her ladies in waiting” :)
This one kept me awake most of the night but I’m glad I’m done !
Day 25: Showing of my Snarfblat skills. 

Do you want to help mange a new up and coming world of Disney princesses? Or even be in charge of your own princess blog? Post gifs and pictures of your favorite princess, and watch the followers grow!
IT’S REALLY SIMPLE. Instructions and rules are under the read more!

Come on! You know you want to! (:

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Day 23: Excuse me?
My URL changed. it used to be fyeah-im-a-mermaid

now it is m3r-main

dreamlesslover said: YOUR ARIEL BLOG IS SOOOO CLEVER!!!!!!!! i have one too please follow mine its mermaid-flipper you'll probably see me on your dahsboard reblogging all your stuff ;)

That’s wonderful of you to say!  Thank you. (:

belles-library said: Bonjour Ariel! Belle here! I'm following. Cute tumblr by the way.. I was thinking about reading together someday, will you? Goodbye! Have a nice day!

Yes! That sounds like a wonderful idea, and I do so love to read!!

Day 22:  Every time my dad comes to wake me up in the morning…